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Getting the most out of hardwood flooring

If you’ve had a look recently at any historic buildings in your area, then you already know about the amazing lifespan that comes along with hardwood flooring. It is often one of the first things that draw a homeowner to this amazing material in the first place. With proper installation, care, and maintenance, the lifespan can easily reach 100 years, with some lasting even longer. Its appearance is as timeless as the material itself, and it never seems to become dated or fall out of popularity. Every trend that comes around always contains something for this floor covering, and it likely always will.

Floorhaus Design Center works hard to make sure that our 32 years of experience are put to use for you. When you visit our Bixby, OK showroom, you’ll quickly see why 75% of our business is per word of mouth referrals. People appreciate the fact that our sales staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to get to know them, their specific needs in flooring, and their dreams for the future of that flooring as well. In fact, we’d love to offer you the chance to experience this for yourself. So stop by anytime to speak with one of our friendly and experienced sales staff members. We are always standing by to help you.

Hardwood offers lots of options and benefits

When you go to pick out your hardwood flooring, there are still several options you’ll need to settle on before installation can begin. Perhaps the most important of these is the wood species you’d like to use. Species is rated according to softness and hardness, and some homes need a much harder species than others do to avoid premature wear and aging. You’ll also need to consider a specific stain color that best matches your interior decor, as well as a finish type that can often go as far as to protect against signs of wear and tear.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Tulsa, OK from Floorhaus Design Center

Refinish hardwood floors

When wear does finally begin to show, and something needs to be done, you can call for a refinishing project to be scheduled. This amazing process removes decades of scratching, scuffing, water spots, and fading, leaving only a like-new finish for you to enjoy for another set of decades. You can even choose to change the stain and finish options at this time too. Some owners enjoy this ability, as it gives them a chance for a little something different, or a better match to a recent decor change.